“I love you, but I love me more. I have been in a relationship with myself for 49 years and that’s the one I need to work on.”

Samantha Jones

The Size Zero Myth:

I have the habit of recording all the series which I relish to watch on my Set top box and watch it later. I did the same with Sex and the City. On switching on my TV to commence SATC marathon, I realized I could not find it in my recorded list. When I asked my dad, I got a plain reply, “Why do you want to watch a series which is about SEX”.

The Wise Hero Reality:

Sex and the City has been my all time favourite series. For people who have never seen it, it’s about four New Yorker ladies gossiping about their sex lives (or lack thereof) and find new ways to deal with being a woman in the ’90s. While Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte were either looking for Mr. Right, or just navigating their way through a series of bad dates, Samantha Jones believed (in her own words), “sex never had to be a prerequisite to a relationship — it could just be sex“.

Watching Samantha Jones on Sex and the City was like a breath of fresh air. Kim Cattrall did a perfect job of portraying Samantha Jones, the fiercely independent and fabulous public relations woman. We could always depend on Samantha to lighten the mood with one or two racy and uncensored comments. That’s why we loved her! She was hilarious and sometimes actually quite witty. She was undoubtedly one of our favourites out of the four women, and here are all the fabulous reasons why:

Can I Afford to Take a Vacation?

1 Now that’s a valid introduction.


2 Never were truer words spoken.



3 She tells it like it is.


4 She is not Scared of being judged.


5 Adventurous. She’s not scared to try new things.


6 Only Samantha Jones can walk into a store and say this!


7Her definition of friendship.



8 Rules of cheating according to Sam.


9 She has got men figured out.






10 Her opinion about Love & Marriage.


t5  t6

11 Fabulousness Doesn’t Come With an Expiration Date.



12 Her priorities were always in place.




13 She’s never afraid to put herself first.



14 She’s never shy about speaking her mind. If only we could be as vocal as Samantha.



15 Get real people.



16 Her clarity in what she needs.



17 Word of advice to women of the world.




18 When it comes to sex she’s not afraid to dispense useful advice.


19 She’s always up on the latest trends.


20 Political Standpoint.



21 How to Run the Country.



Opinion about gays.



23 Independence.



Body Image.


t14 t15

25 Confident. Yes, she wears specs but she is fabulous.



26 She had the perfect reasons for throwing a party.



27 Her loyalty towards her girls.



28 Her loyalty towards Botox.



29 Own Yourself.


30 Samantha Jones is one fierce, inspirational female.



You go girl