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Nobody makes you Angry, you decide to use anger as a response.

-Brian Tracy

We live in a world where we face situations in which anger is the easiest response we can choose.

Let’s do an exercise.  Can you remember a day when you did not get angry at all? Think of a routine normal day of your life and count the number of times you get angry.

You will be surprised to realize that most of us lead lives where not a single day passes by when we do not get angry about something. But have you ever wondered what goes on inside you after every wave of anger? Anger-related emotions cause the secretion of negative chemicals and negative hormones inside our bodies. This is constantly harming our body and also causes severe psychosomatic illnesses or illnesses caused by a negative mind, like blood pressure, diabetes, depression, insomnia, and even cancer in the body. Also, the positive mood of peace, love, and happiness inside our minds, can remain low for many hours, after even the smallest moment of anger.

 Here are the 5 keys to overcoming anger:

1. Acceptance of a Situation:

Don’t try to change things, which are out of your control. We try to do this often, and when we do not succeed, it frustrates us. We might face different scenes of life, including situations and behaviors of people that are not as per our desire. At that point remind yourself that everything cannot go as per your way. Instead of trying to bring changes in others, try to radiate positive energy to the surroundings and others. This way the scenes around you will start molding in a positive way. Accept the situation and not expect because expectations are the seed of all emotions filled with anger.

Inner Beauty- Radiate beauty from within...

2. Forgive and Forget:

Have you ever spent an entire day dwelling on anger about someone who has hurt you? Holding on to that thought does not bother the other person as much as it does to you. You are hurting yourself internally by re-living that same hurtful scene in your mind on a repeat basis. When you forgive the other person, only then can you forget the hurt created in that situation. Also remember that forgiving and forgetting is not for their benefit, it is for us. We are hurting, not them, so we need to move on.

3. Let go of the Ego:

One of the most significant causes of anger in relationships is the ego that I am right and the other person is wrong. The more the ego, the more the anger. There is a possibility that you are right, but as per the other person’s understanding, he might be right. We should not become over-critical about situations. A very simple practice is to see at least one specialty in each and every person we meet. This type of positive vision makes us free from anger and even in the most negative of situations we see people positively and not focus on their faults and weaknesses.

4. Remember You are Filled with Love:

We need to remember that our soul is beautiful and full of love. The surrounding people might create a difficult situation for us, but we need to exhibit the power of tolerance. This will make it easy for us to remain calm and patient. Keep chanting to yourself, ‘I am a peaceful being, a  peaceful soul who radiates love towards everyone around me’. Repeating this affirmation to yourself will create an aura of positivity around you and slowly change your personality of creating angry responses to humble responses to situations and people.

I TRUST YOU-What does it mean?

5. Get Rid of Stress:

Unsolved issues can cause the mind to wind around the issue and stress out until it is resolved. Problems will always exist, but our attachment to them and impatience in waiting for them to get solved at the right time and in the right manner leads to anger. Holding on to anger leads to stress, which can cause many health issues in the long run. The easiest way of getting rid of stress is meditating and positive thinking. Also remember, freedom from anger will lead to freedom from stress.

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the wise hero tortoise with book in one hand and a beaker with chemical in other handHolding on to anger will only make your day bitter. No one else is going to get hurt except you. Letting go of the hurt will help you let go of the anger. Instead of wasting your energy on hate and resentment, invest it on love and contentment. Radiate positivity to experience positivity.

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