Positive Reflections - Bringing Your Dreams Alive!!!

A positive attitude can really make dreams come true – it did for me.

-David Bailey

Each one of us is a dreamer. We work towards our dream to make it a reality. These dreams keep changing as we progress through life. Some are achieved, some are not. The most important factor is how much do we believe in our dreams. There are few factors which affect our beliefs and hamper bringing our dreams come true:

1. The Past Influence:

Failures of past can hamper your confidence towards achieving your current goals. These memories sow seeds of doubt in our mind. Past success can also create illusionary consciousness and distance us from the present moment and our present actions. Learning from past experience is good but basing your future success on your past experiences might just be a step backwards.

2. Lack of Ability to Mould or Adjust:

During our journey towards the dream, we may face many twist and turns. Our tactics need to change accordingly. A rigid state of mind may make this journey more difficult than it needs to be. Whereas adjusting to various situations and bending as required may just make your journey a little simpler.

3. Lack of Inner Strength:

No dreamer can achieve their goals without facing obstacles in their path. The tendency to lose hope and feel dejected is nothing but lack of inner power. Without inner strength, no dream can be made true. Overcoming failures and moving ahead is very important when you are on a difficult path towards achieving your dreams.

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4. The Opinions of People:

The people around you may not understand the purpose of your dreams. They might not be in tune with your consciousness or be able to empathize with your purpose. Their comments might defocus you. Any dreamer should ignore such comments and move towards their goal.

5. Excessive Attachment to Dream:

It is good to be focused on your dream but excessive attachment may make the journey towards the dream stressful and bring down your confidence and self-belief at times.

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The Wise Motivator:

the wise hero tortoise with book in one hand and a beaker with chemical in other handDreaming is good. Working towards achieving it is great. Make sure you are not rigid and you are open to changing your ways from time to time. Remember working towards the goal is more important than the goal itself so enjoy the


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