Broken trust heart

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair”


The Size Zero Myth:imageedit_3_3714574653

The above quote is very commonly said by people. A lot of people are going through the phase where they trusted someone and their trust was betrayed. People can remain hurt and many people go to the extreme case of suicide.

#Myth 1- I TRUSTED YOU!!!!

The person I trusted will speak, think and behave the way I wanted them to do. But if they do not, they have betrayed my trust. They did something which I think they should not have done.


The Wise Hero Reality:

1. imageedit_4_2419600307What does TRUST really mean?

Correct definition: ‘I accept you as you are’

Wrong definition- You will behave in the manner I think is right’

When I say ‘I trust’ it should mean that I am  able to accept them as they are and I believe that what they are saying is what they are feeling. I am ready to accept that even if it’s not true.


When the other person does not behave according to your expectations, keep your state of mind calm and do not radiate negative thoughts for them as it will affect you first. And always remember that as per their perspective, they feel they are right. It’s their Karma which will decide their destiny. Let them deal with their Karma’s. You need to make sure that you don’t spoil your Karma.

2. ‘I TRUST YOU’ has nothing to do with you.

One person can trust someone easily; other person cannot trust the same person so very easily. It has nothing to do with the person they cannot trust. It’s the difference in the perception they have for the same person.

The Real Spiritual Significance of Navaratri

When I say, ‘I trust you’, it is not for them. Trusting them make me feel very comfortable, keeps my state of mind calm. It also gives them the liberty to do what they want. So even if they are not being truthful now, slowly as you radiate the vibration of trust which is positive, they might start reciprocating to it and eventually tell you the truth.

‘I TRUST YOU’ doesn’t mean you have to live up to what I think is right. It means I let my mind to be at peace because. I cannot give my mind the liberty to think so much.

Hence the quote should be the other way around:


‘Trust others easily and take really long time to decide that you want to break it’