A guide to formal men's wear combination.

A complete guide to men’s formal wear

The Size Zero Myth:

Myth#1.the size zero hippo in front of mirror watching its reflection to be thinner than it is No one will notice me in the office, I can wear any formals.

Myth#2.  People look more at work than your dress.

Myth #3. It gets expensive, buying too many pairs of shirt and trousers.

Myth #4. Let the models style, we are normal working-class people.

The Wise Hero Reality:

the wise hero tortoise with book in one hand and a beaker with chemical in other handFACT #1. The first thing that people notice is your dress and the way you present yourself.  What they say is correct “The first Impression is your Last Impression”!

FACT #2. People are constantly noticing, by looking good you are one step closer to cracking an important business deal or gel with your colleagues.

FACT #3. No, you can have a minimum of 4 trousers and 20 shirts to last for an entire year. You simply need to mix and match the right combination. If you get the right combination and look good, you can become the talk of the town.

Fact #4. You can change the way you look from the outside to get noticed by people but to get liked by them, you need to be beautiful from the inside as well. Learn more about Inner Beauty.

Are Bridesmaid Dresses Always Ugly?

3 Easy Steps to make you look good in a Formal Wear.

Step 1: Understand what suits your complexion. Based on your complexion, there are certain colors that go well.

FairAvoid bright colors.
WheatishAvoid too dark or too light colors.
DarkAvoid too bright or too dark colors.

Step 2: Know your Combination.  To make it simple, we divided our grouping into two specific categories,  dark and light trousers. Once you get this simple formula, you can mix and match on your own.

 Dark Always go for a lighter contrast shirt
 Light Always go for a dark contrast shirt

Step 3: Feel free to experiment. Once you know your contrast level, you can experiment with your clothes. To get you started, we have made an info-graph on a possible color combination of your shirt, belt, trousers, and shoes. Try our classic combination for that special occasion. Ladies, you too can follow the below guide and as a bonus here is our take on the Bridesmaid’s dresses.

Men's Formal wear shirt trouser combination- infograph
Get your shirt, belt, trouser and shoe combination correct at work. 

Step 4: Reality. Wear them and see how you look. We compiled a few combinations of men’s formal wear with different complexions and contrasting men’s formal wear.

Men's formal wear combination.

Let’s change our perception towards clothing. We should always “Dress to Kill (Impress)!”