“Time is money. Overtime is bankruptcy.”


The Size Zero Myth:

#Myth 1- I Will Get a Pay Raise!!imageedit_3_3714574653

I was supposed to leave work at 16:30 (general shift timing 8:00 to 16:30) but now I am going to impress my boss by sitting late and hopefully he will take note of this (in terms of $$). My colleagues think that I don’t work and I am going to prove them wrong by sitting late and working overtime (even though I don’t need to work during overtime, I just need to pass the time).

#Myth 2- Lots of Work to Complete!!

If I sit late, I will be able to finish most of my work. I need to do a whole night-er (you can call it a one-night stand at work)!!

My office allots me 8 hours of office time to work, but that is not enough for the amount of work I need to do.  If I don’t sit late, I will not be able to handle the workload.

The Wise Hero Reality:

imageedit_4_24196003071. Don’t be a Hard Worker, be a Smart Worker!!

In many organizations, people who sit late are judged as slow workers and in cases where organizations pay over-time for sitting late, higher management doesn’t prefer to have such people in the team. Beware, if you are one of those SIZE ZERO thinkers who sit late, you might be asked to pack your stuff soon. So be smart and finish your work in the given timeline.

Breaking away from Comfort!!!

2. Don’t Try to be a Randy Gardner!!

Just in case you don’t know who Randy is, he is (at least at the time of writing this post) the record holder for the longest period a human has intentionally gone without sleep (without taking any stimulant), His record was about 264.4 hours (11 days 24 minutes).

Why Should You Love Yourself First Before Loving Someone Else?


In short, here are the series of events…

  • You sit late.
  • Your normal schedule is interrupted.
  • You miss the family dinner.
  • The next day you wake up tired.
  • And you continue this new routine all over again.
  • Congratulation, you are slowly getting close to breaking Randy’s record by being sleep deprived!

3. Working Overtime or Your Family Time!!?

Why not spend time with your family since when in need, it is they who will be around you and not your bosses or office colleagues? A lot of family feuds (loved the TV show thought!) occur due to no communication, so avoid that situation, let’s start spending time with your loved ones.

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People talk about time management, the fact is work will never end, just complete the ones needing utmost attention/priority and head home!

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