“Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy; the mad daughter of a wise mother.”


The Size Zero Myth:

imageedit_3_3714574653Astrology, Numerology, and the various other beliefs we have had for centuries are absolutely true. Our ancestors have imparted us with the knowledge of these hidden realities. Success and failure in relationship, career, health, wealth, etc all depends upon these beliefs.


The Wise Hero Reality:

imageedit_4_2419600307It so happened recently that I was forced to plan my own engagement party in the daytime, when the sun would be scorching, just because according to astrology that time was auspicious, whereas me and my fiancé clearly wanted a pool side evening ceremony to happen which got me to think that why do we emphasis so much on the importance of the astrological time than the actual sentiments of people involved.

Do you believe in astrology or numerology because you have no in-depth knowledge, and you have been told about it this way? So this is the point when you have to decide whether astrology or numerology is a science or myth.

Is Astrology a Myth?

horoscope-Superstitions-planet-ASTROLOGYWe are aware that each and every creation in this universe is a harmony of set vibration. The greater the vibration, the larger the body and subsequent resonance. Hence the vibration of every planet affects our energy system, no matter if it is near or far.


Astrology is learning what effects these bodies and their movements would have on humans. Every individual on earth is influenced by the Sun, and the Moon and energy we get from them. Scientifically it has been proven that the tides in the oceans horoscope-Superstitions-moon-ASTROLOGYare directly related to Moon and its phases. It will be unwise to say that the motion of the celestial bodies has no impact in an individual’s life.

Is Numerology a Myth?

Numerology is a figure of science. It is believed that, each number has a unique vibration and energy, giving it certain properties. These properties can help in predicting a person’s behaviour, compatibility of romantic partners, a person’s lucky number or lucky day, etc. According to many numerologists, nothing happens by accident, everything happens because of numbers. Hence we cannot completely rule out the fact that these energies do have some effect in our lives as the universe works on vibrations.


Other Superstitious believes..

“Superstitions is the poison of the mind”

Joseph Lewis

Many times I have heard people say that they have a lucky dress or a lucky pen, etc. If they sign a deal with their lucky pen, they will definitely succeed otherwise they would fail or they need to wear lucky dress on important days if they need to succeed. These are mere example; people believe in many more idiotic theories and religiously follow them as well.

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These are some of the superstitions which I have heard throughout my life and are completely baseless…

  • If you see an elephant on your way while going somewhere, your purpose of going will be fruitful as it is considered as good luck.
  • If you notice a crow cowing near your house you are likely to get visitors to your house.
  • Eating sweet curd before exams brings good luck.
  • If the girl’s horoscope is matching well with the boy’s horoscope, when they get married, they will have a successful married life. (I am sure most of the couples who get divorced get their horoscopes matched before marriage)
  • Continuous hiccups are considered a sign of someone close badly remembering you.
  • If you are going somewhere and a black cat crosses your path, it is considered as a very bad omen.
  • Nails should not be cut in the night for fear of evil spirits.
  • Itchy right hand palm means you will get unexpected money.
  • If the left eye of a woman twitches it is not good, and the right eye twitching for a man is also not good.
  • If you see a family member leaving the house for some purpose, and happen to ask him or her “where are you going?” it is considered a bad omen.
  • Keeping footwear upside down brings fights in family.
  • If you hear a dog whining at night it will bring bad luck, especially when someone in your family or neighbourhood is sick.


All these baseless beliefs are mere coincidence and it is sign of a weak soul. We need to remember that soul power depletes with fear and superstition.

How much importance do we need to give to Astrology, Numerology & Superstitions ?

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

-William Shakespeare

In today’s world, most of us have low self confidence. Hence whenever we follow an astrological, numerological prediction or superstitious beliefs like lucky dress, lucky pen, lucky colour, etc and achieve success, SUPERSTITIONS-SUN-STARSwe assume that the only reason we could achieve success was because of the positioning of star and planets or the luck. This becomes a conditioning and belief.

Let us take an example. Assume I have to get a work done and I am told that I need to do it in a given auspicious time. Till then it is fine and no harm occurs. But the bad part is if I am aware that a time is auspicious, I will assume any other time would be inauspicious and that would be the thought that will go on in my mind. When the thought itself is not right then what would be the convictionSUPERSTITIONS-PLANET and confidence we will have while doing the work? And then if I fail, I will blame the inauspicious time to be the reason of my failure.

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Our aim is that we achieve success in whatever we do. But we tend to blindly follow these external methods to get what we want. This is lack of belief and self confidence and most importantly, lack of clarity and fear of failure.


Most of us do not really understand how astrology or numerology works but we follow it to manipulate our fear of failure and to increase confidence in whatever we do. But we need to create confidence within. We need to remember that, do not make astrology, numerology or superstitions as an element of fear.

Why do so many people tend to follow Astrology, Numerology and Superstitions?

To achieve success, you need a good state of mind, have faith and confidence in yourself and you need to be 100% powerful and positive and this needs lot of work on yourself, whereas following astrology, numerology and superstitions is very easy. It is an external factor which does not involve a lot of work hence we find it easier to believe and follow.

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The Hidden factor for Success:

We have ruled out superstitious beliefs to be a complete myth. Astrology and Numerology do have significance, but there are other factors involved too. Like…





Many times even if we put the best inputs from the above factors, we do not find success that is because there is a hidden factor involved. Most of us label it as LUCK but it is not right. The actual fifth hidden factor is…

Karmic Account


Karmic account decides destiny. I the soul decide my destiny with my hard-work and past karmic account which is the hidden factor.

Why do we fail?

Imagine you follow all your beliefs and still don’t get success, you will start to assume that maybe you did something wrong or did not follow some superstitious belief.


Whenever you start a work, make sure your input factors are best, work hard as there is no end to superstitions and the more you depend on these things you will waste your time.

If output is not as per your expectations then accept that there is a hidden factor which cannot be ignored. Rather than feeling weak, and inclining towards karmaanother superstitious belief, understand that success is not on the outside. Success is in our mind. Karma does affect our success and karmic account is also our own creation. Nothing can stop the consequence of our karma coming to us.

Revenge or Forgiveness???

Another important thing is if you don’t get success, do you have the strength in your mind to face the failure? depression-superstitions.jpgIf you have fear of failure and believe in superstitions, you did not work on your state of mind and your karma but you just used that superstitious belief to achieve success hence it would never work.


Also one failure may lead us to focus on energies from external things like, astrology, numerology and superstitions. We tend to become fearful and stop using our full capacity and capability. We lose our self confidence which might lead to depression followed by complete breakdown.

Many times all input parameters for success like care, attention, hard-work, sincerity, honesty and integrity is right but if that one hidden factor, which is past karmic account, not right then it might not let you succeed. But be confident and move ahead.


Always remember the manta…

What I got I exactly deserved as per my present hard-work and past karmic account.

Stop playing Blame-Game:

When we fail, we blame all other external factors including time. We say the time is not good for us. Good time refers to success as per our analogy. But reality is all time is good time. The definition of success is set by us. We cannot succeed always but now we are wise to know everything is our own doing.


Empower Yourself:

When we fear failure, we give power to others. Our soul power depletes.

Take care of your present state by taking care of your state of mind. Empower yourself and make sure to increase your soul power. This will change results and gradually you will be able to overcome your past karmic account. When karmic account changes towards the positive, success will automatically follow you.


Yes Astrology and Numerology are energies which affect our success, but not in a significant way. They can never be the reason of our failure. It is our own KARMA which leads us to success or failure. As they have rightfully said…

At every moment we get what we truly deserve, nothing less nothing more, it is accurate.