“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” 

― Jorge Luis Borges

The Size Zero Myth:

#Myth 1- I can buy books online on discounted price.imageedit_3_3714574653

I just need to go to one of the online shopping sites and buy the books I need at discounted price. Why do I need to join library and pay yearly membership fee. It’s going to be an extra expense. I might not use library so regularly.

#Myth 2- I am a slow reader; I prefer to own the books.

Libraries have a timeline within which I will have to read and return the books I borrowed. I prefer leisure reading and take my time to finish books. It’s better for me to buy the books than to unnecessarily pay late return fees.


The Wise Hero Reality:

1. Visiting Libraries makes us as happy as Sam.


Am sure you follow the highest rated TV series “Game of Thrones” (I think anyone who does not watch GOT has not discovered the real use of their TV). It is based on author George R.R. Martin’s book, “A Song of Ice and Fire”. A scene from the Season 6 episode “The Winds of Winter”, where brainy Samwell (with Gilly and baby Sam) arrives at the Citadel to study to be a maester, he looks in AWE at books chained to shelves of the library and then at soaring walls of thousands of texts. It was one of several satisfying scenes in series.

Sam awed
The Citadel Library

Research suggests that, visiting library makes us as happy as a pay raise. You definitely know that happiness is something money can’t buy. So why not take a trip to your happy place.

Can I Afford to Take a Vacation?

2. Joining library is much cheaper than buying books.

Most of the libraries charge minimal membership charges. If you take yearly memberships, it might be even cheaper. So you can read as much as double the number of books you would have bought with that amount.

Schoolboy Holding Books At Library Counter

3. Return the books you don’t want to read, for free.

The one thing you cannot exchange online is books. So you might read good reviews of a book and end up buying it just to realize that it does not suit your taste of reading. But you will be forced to read the book out of mere guilt of spending hard earned money to buy it. But when you get it from your library and do not like the book, good news, you can exchange it and get something you feel you want to read.


4. Encourages more reading.

You will be willing to experiment and try new authors/series/genres if there’s no money “on the line”. So not only you will be reading more than you normally do, you will get to read all sorts of things you normally wouldn’t.


5. Timeline.

If you buy something, you have it on your shelf and you can get back to it. Whereas when it comes to a library book, you have a period of time that you have to finish it, making you more motivated to finish what you have started.


6. Why waste space in your bookshelf.wp_20161106_16_28_00_pro_li

It’s rare to find a book that you want to read over and over again. Purchasing every book you want to read will create a pile of books that you wouldn’t read multiple times. It’s always an option to get it from the library and then buy it later if you must have it.

Revenge or Forgiveness???

7. You can renew the books multiple times.

If you need some more time to finish your borrowed books from library, do not worry. Most of the libraries have the option of renewing the books, multiple no. of times. So you can take your time to finish the book without paying extra penny.

happy student girl or woman with books in library

I love reading. I used to buy many books, mostly fictions which cannot be read twice. Now I am finding ways to dispose it off economically (giving me some return value, as my investment was lot) to save space. I could not afford to buy any more books because of space constraints and to save the hole it was making in my wallet. I became the WISE HERO & joined two public libraries which costs much cheaper and let me read to my heart’s content.

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