“There is only one who is all powerful, and his greatest weapon is love.”

– Stan Lee (creator/writer of X-Men)

This movie gets us to the cinema hall making us ask our self one question… Is this Hugh’s last movie as LOGAN ? log1For those who don’t know….. LOGAN is a character from the X-Men series.

I have been a follower of the X-Men series and guess what the answer to the question is MAYBE!

We all know how these guys can bend time/story line and can clean up their dirty act. Having said that the character of LOGAN in this movie will definitely surprise you.

We all know LOGAN as a carefree guy and we admire his rough and tough appearance but log4things are gonna change, the makers of this movie are adamant on one thing….. they want to make us CRY and teary!

Nevertheless you will enjoy this movie simply because no matter what we write you will still end up watching and appreciating the movie!

If you are a non follower of the series, you will still end up watching itlog3

  • simply because of the hype around this movie and how it’s portrayed as the end of Hugh Jackman as LOGAN and
  • also because you might have a friend (what are the odds!) who is a die hard fan of WOLVERINE.

THE entire X-Men movie series Rating (as of 18 March 2017 on IMDB)


To Conclude, the movie has more drama than action but the mixture is a good one!

The Size Zero says: Don’t want to cry, will skip it!
The Wise Hero says: Go Watch It!
and Logan says…..