When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

Knowledge is learning something every day, Wisdom is letting go of something every day.

-Zen Proverb

The Size Zero Myth:

A fat stupid hippo sees itself in mirror and visualizes itself as a thinner versionI am not a saint that I will find it easy to let go of a relationship, hurt, or the situation. The other person has put me in this position. The hurt and agony I am facing is because of them. It is completely their fault.

I am not so strong to easily let go of them. It is not possible without hurting myself. I am stuck in this situation, and they are to be blamed for it.

The Wise Hero Reality:

Letting go of a person or thing:

A wise tortoise with a book in one hand and a chemical beaker in anotherLetting go can be the most difficult thing. If it is a person or thing, you want to hold on to it until it works out the way you always wanted it to work out. You cannot imagine a life without that person or thing. But let me tell you, you are living right now without that person. The only thing you need to do is erase them from your memory and save yourself the agony of hurt and wasting your precious time on them. Life moves on. That person has moved on. It’s high time you need to move on too.

Letting go of hurt or situation:

Many of you out there are stuck in a situation or holding on to grudge towards someone just because they said something unpleasant or have hurt you in some way. Remember, they must have created an unpleasant situation, but the hurt is created by you and not them. It is you who decide how you will react to that situation. Getting hurt or letting go is completely your choice. Choose wisely.

Why are people scared to let go!!!

Why does letting go sound scary? Because we have created a comfort zone in the misery we have been living for quite some time. To break that habit and move on to a new fresh life may sound scary to many of us. Hence we see many around us stuck in a loop and not even trying to break out of it.

A female scared holding on to a male, scared to let go.

Here we need to change our belief system, which is built on fear. Remember, you are a powerful, divine, and very strong soul which can face any such situation with calm and ease.

Why Should You Love Yourself First Before Loving Someone Else?

You don’t need to be a saint to possess the power to let go. Understand that a saint is within everyone. Over a period of time, layers of dirt have accumulated on our pure, divine souls.  Every soul originally is pure, beautiful, and powerful. It is the inbuilt nature of everyone. This is the most empowering thing to know that the divinity we see in a saint is within us as well.

Sometimes people never get what they deserve because they are too busy holding on to things they are supposed to let go off.


When to let go:

Letting go of the other persons hand.The most difficult phase is when we realize that it is time to let go. Many times we get really confused if we should let go or keep trying. I have seen many of my wise friends stuck in a loop, unable to decide if it is time. Letting go is like pulling the plug of a relationship, and it can be really heartbreaking. But holding on to something which is meaningless is just wasting your own precious time. The faster you decide, the closer you are to your happiness.

There are many negative souls out there who might deliberately let you be in a loop so that they do not lose that one person who loves them to the moon and back.  This might be because of their own selfish intentions. This will make it more difficult for you to move on as they might give you hints that it is possible that this relationship will work, you just need to hang on and work on it. But this is just an eyewash. So detach yourself from the situation for some time. Judge it as a third person and weight the positives and negatives and take decisions wisely in your own favor.

You deserve happiness:

If you don’t let go of past bad experiences, every day the same commentary will run inside you. You will be replaying the same experiences and experience the same hurt. This is going to affect your physical and mental health, also your personality. You will find it very difficult to believe someone. This might lead you to not attain what you really deserve in life. It becomes a vicious, hurtful cycle. You need to break out of it.

Inner Beauty- Radiate beauty from within...

A happy girl letting go of balloon.

You deserve happiness, health, a beautiful relationship, and success in life, but old experiences will not let you try new relationships. Even if you start the relation, it will be with fear and not with positive energy.

Living with the past energies is really going to devastate your life. You need to let go of the past to cultivate a better quality of energy, this will bring you closer to the happiness you truly deserve.

Difference between learning and letting go:

If someone rejects you, you learn that this is not working and you should stay away from them, this is learning. But if we do not let go of the hurt that was created by their rejection, when every time you think of them or see them, you relive that same experience of hurt, again and again, it is not learning.

Learning from the past but not letting go of the pain will only recreate the past emotion of fear. A situation that created hurt would be only for a short time, but the pain and hurt lives for years if we do not let go.

A hand is letting go of balloons

We need to learn from the past how to react when a situation reoccurs in which I was hurt in the past. I need to be fine now as I have let go of the hurt.

Power of thoughts:

Energy flow between two people is very important. More than the power of words we speak, the energy we radiate reaches the other person faster. Every time we face a similar situation, do not let the past fear of rejection come in between your thoughts. If you hold on to the past thoughts, the same negative energy will radiate and 99.9% of the people will reject you again. So the best way to succeed in life is to let go of all hurt.

An abstract image of a girl representing the power of thoughts.

The quality of communication is very important. The power of thoughts is more powerful than the power of speech. Negative vibration is powerful and will definitely reach the other person. Delete the past experience and work with yourself towards reaching positive. It doesn’t happen overnight, so be patient.

Revenge or Forgiveness???

Whenever you get a negative thought, do not let it get registered. You have learned from it so let go. Talk to your mind. Keep repeating this every time you think of the past.

Empower yourself:

Don’t be scared to move on in life and don’t be scared of failure again. The thought of rejection can be scary but if you hold on to the past, your negative energy will not let you reach what you deserve.

A girl meditating and empowering herself during sunset.

Absolutely no one and no situation is responsible for how you feel right now. If someone insults or hurts you, that is their behavior. That is their way. But if we feel insulted or pain, we are hurting ourselves. So stop blaming someone else for your misery.  Everyone behaves as per their comfort. They did what they thought was right. They might have created a situation, but the hurt is created by you. It is not possible that the world will function according to you, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and do not let this affect you. This should be your belief system. DO NOT blame others for how you feel.

Empower yourself not to get affected by other bad manners. When the mind is not affected, your vibration will be pure and positive. Such positive vibrations will reach the other person. Next time when you interact, you will be powerful and positive. Slowly the vibration of the other person might shift to positive. Make it a vicious cycle of negative energy or change their energy. The choice is yours.

Even if the other person does not shift to positive, do not let it affect you. Be prepared and let go of the hurt, and most importantly MOVE ON.

Keep calm and let go
Photo Credit – Randy Heinitz

Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness. Be strong enough to let go and patient enough to wait for what you deserve. Life will become much easier that way.