If you are reading this, you must be a fan and aware of the recently leaked, much-awaited episode 6 of Game of Thrones Season 7. This episode was accidentally broadcast by HBO Spain.


Army of Dead:

As everyone is busy fighting for the Iron Throne, only Jon believes till now that the war is actually between the living and the dead and he has set out to convince and make other powerful allies against the Army of the Dead.

As we have seen at the end of the last episode (no. 5) that Jon Snow and his men head out in the winter for hunting down and bringing back a Wight from the Army of Dead as it is the only way to convince Cersei and Daenerys the existence of an Army of dead bodies.

Now let me make it clear, there is a difference between the White walkers and the Wight.

White Walkers: These are the ones leading the Army of the Dead. The Ice looking Night King is also a White Walker. They are powerful and extremely smart.

Wight: These are the blue-eyed dead bodies which are just used to grow the army. They follow the White Walkers. The Knight King resurrects the dead and creates the zombie looking Wights also called the Army of Dead.

So, basically, Jon Snow and his men are trying to capture a Wight as getting hold of a White Walker is trickier and quite risky.


So getting back to the episode 6, it seems to be very interesting as we have been eagerly waiting for these magnificent dragons to give us some action for almost six seasons. In season 7, these dragons have been used more than once by Danny to fight the odds.

Scorpion-The Dragon fighting weapon:

Earlier in episode 5, we saw Drogon (the most ferocious amongst the three Dragons) being shot by a spear from the dragon-fighting weapon, Scorpion.

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As in the previous episode, we had got a glimpse of the strength of this weapon, I peeked through my fingers when Bronn fired the bow and shot Drogon as the magnificent Dragon burned almost the entire King’s Landing army.

But as anticipated, the dragon is not down yet. Somehow from the time the three Dragons were introduced, Drogon was shown as the most ferocious out of all and I must say I have always considered him as the hero amongst the other dragons. Hence I am sure he will survive the final war. But you never know as I was also sure that Ned Stark would not be beheaded.

The Stark Ladies:

So coming back to episode 6, we get to see more of the tension between Sansa and Arya, though I must say their reunion was not as joyous as I had expected it to be. The Stark ladies never got along well from the beginning, but I had expected after the individual sufferings, both experienced, they would be more than happy to finally be with family.

Arya finds a scroll which was planted by Littlefinger to create differences between the sisters. Sansa was forcefully made to write the below scroll by Cersei. 
Arya reads the scroll planted by Littlefinger
She wrote to her oldest brother:

“Robb, I write to you with a heavy heart. Our good king Robert is dead, killed from wounds he took in a boar hunt. Father has been charged with treason. He conspired with Robert’s brothers against my beloved Joffrey and tried to steal his throne.  The Lannisters are treating me very well and provide me with every comfort. I beg you: come to King’s Landing, swear fealty to King Joffrey, and prevent any strife between the great houses of Lannister and Stark.”

Arya sees the scroll and gets furious with Sansa.

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Littlefinger smirks as his plan to create doubt in Arya’s mind about Sansa works

I was surprised to see Sansa plotting against Arya. Sansa seems not to trust Arya, thanks to Littlefinger but I had never expected her to betray her own sister. She sends Lady Brienne away to King’s Landing as Brienne has sworn to protect both the daughters of Catelyn Stark and that could come in between the plan made by her and Littlefinger.

As Sansa raids Arya’s room and finds face masks, Arya marches in her room and threatens Sansa in a subtle way that she could kill her and take her place as she explained the ways of the Faceless Men.

Stunned Sansa as Arya explains how Faceless men work

When two main characters are against each other, it becomes difficult to take sides, but somehow I am sure most of us are inclined towards taking Arya’s side. Sansa is vulnerable and can be easily influenced by Littlefinger. I have a strong feeling that Sansa might betray Jon Snow as Littlefinger manipulates her. Arya is convinced that Sansa is wanting to become more than a Lady, she is willing to become the Queen of North. I will not be surprised if Sansa makes the wrong choice. There is a possibility that Littlefinger might convince her to marry him as well. Let us wait for this mystery to get solved in the coming episodes.

Ice Dragon:

The other important part of the episode revolves around Jon Snow and his men on White Walker expedition. But they get trapped, surrounded by the Army of Dead. When Danny gets a scroll about the situation, against the will of Tyrion, Danny and her three Dragons  (Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion) come to their rescue.

The Night King aims an icy spear and hurls it at one of her dragons, striking it in the neck and bringing it down. Danny sees her child die in front of her and slide under the ice. This is a heartbreaking scene for the viewers as well. Before we can even mourn the loss of one of the Dragons (I am sure it was Viserion, the most merciful one) the Night King aims another icy spear towards Drogon, the one Danny rides, and we viewers grasp the corner of our seats praying that the spear misses hitting Drogon and it is a relief to see that it does miss.

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But our worst predicted theory has become truth. Viserion is dragged out of the cold water and turned into an Ice Dragon by the Night King.

Viserion Killed by the Night King
Viserion dragged out of cold water by the Army of Dead
Viserion dragged out of cold water by the Army of Dead
Viserion resurrected to Wight Dragon by the Night King
Viserion resurrected to Ice Dragon by the Night King

Though I was expecting that Rhaegal (the other Dragon) would rescue Jon Snow from the Wights, his uncle Benjen saves him, puts him on his horse and sends him towards the wall, sacrificing himself.

We get to see a special affection of Danny towards Jon and vice-versa. This will be interesting to watch in the upcoming episodes.

Side Note:

In the coming episodes, we can predict that the final war between the living and the dead is going to be a huge eye candy to watch. Especially the war between the living Dragon and Ice Dragon. I am predicting the Ice Dragon would spit ice instead of fire, freezing anyone in the vicinity. But at the end, the fight would be between Drogon and Ice Dragon Viserion. One emitting fire and other emitting ice and Drogon will destroy the Ice Dragon. Well, this is just a theory as I have not read the books, but in my experience, in GoT nothing goes as per prediction. We will have to wait for the upcoming episodes to confirm this theory. Till then the suspense would be difficult to hold on to.

Winter is Here….

Photo Credit: HBO