life grows after comfort zone

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

-Neale Donald Walsch

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]inter of 2016… Have a great job in Mumbai, India in one of the most prestigious companies and working in one of the most exclusive departments. Live in my own house, very close to my office, both of which are achievements in Mumbai terms. Loving and Beautiful wife and blessed with a Cute and Beautiful son…. Life is great, what more can one ask for!!!…. When suddenly the mobile rings…

Fantastic New Opportunity

Lady calls from the other side… Lead role in what I was doing… Location either Dubai or Singapore. Great perks… wow!

Hold on…. that means I have to leave my current Elysium… or ‘Frogs well’, as I coined it later.

Initial reaction… NO to myself… How do I leave everything I created.?… Life is so CONVENIENT now…. everything is so SET – Office, Doctors, House, Banks, Milkman, Maid….etc etc. It’s a lot of WORK….

But somehow the possibility of advancement in Career was very enticing and so were the perks. So, with a second self, I decided to go at least for the Interview…

Frogs Well

So we are Best….. the Biggest and we excel in everything we do…! Superlatives galore!… Our Team Our Pride…Was what I thought in my last assignment.

This reminded me of the famous story of the Frog, who when in the Well thought this was all world was! and Suddenly when was out of well one day, he realized, what he was missing….

Now that I am out, well…..

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The Dilemma

Interview through..! Now they are asking for joining Date!

‘I gave the interview, just to test myself’ – thought loud. Now, this was coming too close to the point that I will have to put down my papers in the current job and then I WILL HAVE TO START AGAIN from NULL.

I SO want to go outside India for this job. This is giving better Role and more perks.

But what about the New office, New colleagues…will I be successful as I am today? Will my Career market value go up?

How long do I need to shut Mumbai home all together?! It’s all just tooooooo much…

Multiple thoughts and scenarios pounding me down…

Thinking Loud now…

Yes, I have moved to Dubai, almost two months now..and I don’t regret a single decision. So much ado about nothing!

I think today it was a mix of fear and laziness…or if I may define scientifically INERTIA. We, humans, love routines and fear of change perhaps troubles us most.

Change is inevitable. Energy also transcends from one form to another. That’s how the world is as is now. But, are all changes good?

My decision turned out right. But there was a RISK. And had it gone the bad way, I may not be in a state of mind of writing this stuff perhaps.

But what would one prefer to be at the end of the day…. FROG of the WELL or FROG OUT IN THE WORLD!

frog breaking out of comfort and coming out of well

A comfort zone is a beautiful place to stay but nothing grows there.

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