We do not encourage anyone to do drugs but we also are aware that many of you out there consume some kind of drugs for medicinal or recreational purposes.

The use of marijuana or weed as commonly known in some areas have increased tremendously following its legalization in several parts of the globe.

Using the substance can make you develop a habit which has since been the reason as to way many of you lost jobs and sometimes this happens even before you get the job. That is if your test came back positive for marijuana during the screening process.

If you have to take a drug test for your job, it is helpful to understand how long certain drugs stay in the system and can be detected by the tests.

However, due to a lot of studies and research, users of marijuana have finally gotten a sign of relief as there are now several ways in which one can get rid of the THC left behind in the system after consuming such drugs. This process is usually known as detoxification for weed or THC detox. Cleaning out the THC off your system also means passing the drug test and keeping your job.

THC Detoxification:

As said before, THC detoxification is simply the process of trying to get rid or cleanse your body from the remaining THC in your body. There are a few methods that you can use to achieve this, but you need to choose the method that best suits your situation at that particular moment. There are some methods that can work effectively but over a period of time. Some others methods which claim to work in duration as short as 24hrs does not really detoxify your system but it masks the drug test and helps you clear it which is not advisable as it does not give you any health benefit and is not legal.

How You can Cleanse your Body:

In most workplaces, there is always a strict policy concerning the use of drugs and alcohol. This is why they will often schedule random drug tests. Some experts say that even the heavy users can get back clean within just 10 days of not using marijuana, this is a risk I’m sure most of us would not want to take. However, these are just general recommendations which might also not work thus putting you at risk of failing the drug test, especially for the heavy users.

Understanding exactly how long a drug stays in your body is important as you will know when it is safe for you to get a clear drug test. Anyway, below are a few methods you can use to help with your problem.

1 Stop Consumption of the Substance:

The first step towards cleansing yourself is to refrain from the consumption of these drugs. The longer you stay away from these drugs the better cleansing your body undergoes. This is the best and safest way you can get clean.

2 Exercise:

THC is stored in the fat cells of the body hence it will take longer to flush out of the system completely. Exercise will help you burn fat which will increase your metabolism and speed up the detox process.

3 Drink Plenty of Water:

Drinking plenty of water will flush your system and help to remove the toxins by keeping your metabolism high and reducing water retention.

4 Healthy Diet:

Avoid high-calorie food such as high sugar, sodium, and junk food. Such food will reduce your metabolism and increase fat in your body which will make it difficult to remove the stored THC from the fat cells of your body. Try to follow a proper diet regime by eating all kinds of healthy nutritious food such as lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

3Detox Kit:

Using the detox kit is also another way to remove the THC from your system. Actually, some claims state that this can work within such a short period of time and others say that this might take even a week.

The detox kit might be containing either the pills or the drinks or in some cases both of them. Due to the difference in time for which the kit can work, it is better to choose the one that suits your current situation.

Using detox drinks often involve drinking more water compared to using the pills. Even though some people might sell you things that won’t work, there are a few reputable companies that can get you the real deal and help save your situation and genuinely eliminating THC from your system. You can go to sites like the Clear Drug Tests page to get more information about detox kits.

Note: We have not tested these products and cannot guarantee their efficacy in reducing THC and THC metabolites. Use them at your own discretion.

The Wise Hero Says:

the wise hero tortoise with book in one hand and a beaker with chemical in other hand

If you don’t want to get in any kind of trouble at your workplace, make sure you stay away from drugs and alcohol. But if you must use them for medical reasons like the prescribed marijuana, make sure to strictly stick to the doctor’s prescription as any more usage past the prescribed dosage might get you in trouble.