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Why am I blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

“Just a free birds from the flock” 🙂

– the wise hero

Pooja Mitra– My journey to becoming “the wise hero”

Have you ever been to a supermarket where you are just browsing through the range of say, herbal products, and there comes the shop owner who looks like he is your father’s age? He gives a glance at you and what you are looking through and immediately jumps to the conclusion that this tall, beautiful girl (let me be honest I’m self-obsessed) needs to reduce weight. He starts stuffing (he innocently thinks that he is helping) your shopping basket with lots of useless products like Slimming Teas and Herbal Activators (if that would work, I would be Miss India by now, DUH). He also starts giving you a lecture about how you need to eat carrots, apples, and cabbage to get ‘FIT’. Mind it, he will not call you fat, obese or overweight, though it’s obvious he is thinking that (he needs to get his vision checked as I believe am curvy and big boned-but my wrists are so dainty). Now he crosses your irritation threshold and rage starts building up. You might be just about to ask the old man to mind his own business and huge tummy for a change when he suddenly uses the classic Indian emotion-creating term ‘BETA’ (meaning-daughter). Now your Indian Sankars, you have been so proud of, don’t allow you to trash talk. You give him a smile and nod and run away (in my case, Strut) from the shop.

Yes, guys and girls. If you have ever experienced getting a wide range of baseless advice from strangers or friends (ask them the source, it must be definitely from some friend’s friend) then you are on the right blog page.

My entire life I have taken baseless advice from a range of people like family, friends, colleagues, strangers, etc but it all turned out to become various experiments on my body. I used to feel like one of those experimental pigs. But I had to try every possible suggestion to get to my dream, or many of you term it as aspirational weight.

When no suggestions from these inexperienced acquaintances worked, I took the next step of paying for advice from professional dieticians and trainers. I also joined those fancy passive weight loss clinics where all I had to do was lie down and watch TV while they hooked me up to a vibrating machine and also gave me weight reduction massages. In all the above process I did lose, not weight but my bank balance.

After losing 5 years of my life and torturing my body with an extreme workout or unbearable diet I realized I can’t live my entire life like this. I had been foolish to believe in THE SIZE ZERO myth.

Then something changed. I read a book which changed the way I was trying to lose weight. A much practical and easier way where I got to eat all my favorite food and was asked to exercise only for an hour every day. I started following it and in a month I was eating and miraculously was reducing weight. I finally was aware of reality and had become ‘THE WISE HERO’.

I am here to share my experiences (yes whatever you read is tried and tested by me, on me), about various areas of life where I was living the foolish SIZE ZERO myth and with knowledge and implementation, have transformed to understanding the WISE HERO reality so that I can save at-least few of you from the trauma I had to go through in this entire process and help you be THE WISE HERO in your life.

So what are you guys waiting for? Just get started. Keep visiting.